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Autofest City is a private hobby launched in 1996, displayed in two dedicated buildings adjacent to our home.

Autofest City is India's only double-national award winner:

The Limca Book of Awards - since 2009

The India Book of Awards - since 2010

Possibly the world's best displayed collection of authentic scale models. 

The collection specializes in historically important automobiles dating back to the 15th century and those of leading international marques. 

We have authentic replicas comprising many limited editions, hand-built and kit-assembled models.

Each model is displayed with: 

  • its own technical data sheet highlighting specific points of importance, 
  • photographs of its real counterpart, 
  • a photograph of the founder/designer, 
  • a monogram replica, 
  • a flag of the country of origin, 
  • any other item of human interest. 

This makes the collection very informative and interesting for everyone.

Street hand-craft diorama in a 24-foot, 4-level showcase makes a great backdrop for some of our Scale 40 & 43 models. The diorama ranges from automobile dealerships to taverns and green spaces.

Visitors from all around the world have been unanimous in declaring that Autofest City has the most comprehensive displays for scale models ever seen in a collection.

Autofest City is the only collection in the world to feature:

  • life-size working replicas of the 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen & 1896 Ford Quadricycle,
  • a running 1996 Mercedes-Benz E250 D (W124 Phase II) car.