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On The Road To Scale Model Collecting : We Share Our Experiences

Way back in 1996, Autofest City began without a definite focus. But soon we recognised the need for one. 

After much thought and debate, we decided to showcase the development of automobiles manufactured by international brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Ford, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Volkswagen, to name a few. Automobile history was very hard to come by at that time.

Later, with the advent of the Internet, a plethora of information was available to track the evolution and growth of automobile majors. We collated and summarized the available inputs. Autofest City was on the right road. The collection needed to be streamlined and going forward, only those scale replicas that represented model change or historically important events from each marque were added. 

Autofest City has been a great source of inspiration for budding collectors in India, having ignited the passion of collecting authentic replicas among many enthusiasts. We have also received a wide range of queries from fellow collectors as a result of which we felt the need to create a source-book to help guide new collectors through the very vast world of automobile miniatures. 

We are of the opinion that one can collect all the scale models in the world and yet have nothing, if a collection lacks a strong focus. 

Linked here are their guidelines to build a fulfilling collection.

An Insight Into Miniatures

Building A Collection

God Is In The Details (Part 1)

God Is In The Details (Part 2)

Photographing Your Collection (Part 1)

Photographing Your Collection (Part 2)

Reality Show - Dioramas 

Showing Off - Good Display (Part 1)

Showing Off - Good Display (Part 2)

The Joys Of DIY - Kit Building (Part 1)

The Joys Of DIY - Kit Building (Part 2)

The Joys Of DIY - Kit Building (Part 3)

Value-Addition In Displays

Accessories For Realistic Dioramas

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