How does an encrypted key work?

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The  encrypted key has been present in vehicles in Brazil for some time, but do you know the mechanisms behind the car keys? As you will see, then, copying a key with an electronic code requires some knowledge and equipment from the keyring. For more references, check out: where can i get car keys made

Check out a little more about how coded car keys work and stand out in the market.

Safer model

The coded keys came to replace the old types of keys, which only had a simple mechanical secret carved in a metal blade. Currently, the owner of a new car receives a card from the dealership, with an electronic code and a mechanical key code, the main and the reserve. In this way, it is as if each car has its own “identity document”. Therefore, it is not possible to get a similar key or make a copy only of the mechanical secret, as the vehicle will not open and the engine will not start.

How Coded Car Keys Work

The main characteristic of a key with a code is the fact that it has a chip, also known as a transponder , within itself. The chip holds the electronic key code. And how does it work? In fact, there is a communication between the encrypted key and the security center, which is inside the vehicle, more precisely the immobilizer . If there is a problem with that part or if the key is incorrect, a warning light on the car's dashboard will come on.

When the driver tries to use the encrypted key, it sends a signal with the code to the car. If the key code and the key code match, the driver can open the door without problems and start to activate the ignition. But otherwise, the engine will not start.

If the driver tries to use another key, of the same vehicle model, he still runs the risk of decoding the panel and blocking the starting system. In such cases, it is not even possible to make a direct call.

How to copy

To make copies of encrypted car keys , the driver needs to take the codes to the keyring, and only with this information will the professional be able to make a new key. If you do not have the numbers, the vehicle owner will have to pick them up at the dealership.


If the driver has only one key with a code, you can even make a copy on a key ring. Nowadays there are sophisticated equipment that can accurately read both the electronic code and the mechanical code of a key. With that, it is possible to transpose this information to a virgin key and, thus, make the copy. This procedure, as a rule, is much more advantageous for the car owner, who would probably pay dearly for a new key at a dealership.

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